Alimed II

Our boat Alimed II features an elegant Italian cut design. This boat is 6.30m length, approved at 6m for the Boating License and 2.45m beam. It has large spaces and a high bow, which allows a highly efficient navigation as well as a balanced and easy manoeuvre, providing our customers with an optimal experience.


4 to 8 hours


up to 8 passengers

Cancellation policy: Read and accept our cancellation policy, it is important when making your reservation


*Fuel is not included in the rate.
*The schedule will be as follows depending on the season of the year:
– Winter hours: Half day (9.00-13.30) / Full day (9.00-17.00)
– Summer schedule: Half day (9.30-13.30) or (15.00-19.00) / Full day (9.30-19.00)

*It is required at least have one of the following qualifications: Navigation License or, failing that, PNB , PER or SKIPPER YACHT.
*A deposit of €500 will be given by payment by card or cash, which will be refunded at the end of the rental, compensating the amounts corresponding to the damage caused, both to the boat’s own inventory and to its mechanical components. .